Photography is my passion, hobby and profession. I took an early interest in photography at 8 years of age and have been shooting ever since. With over 26 years of photographic experience - 18 years of which are in professional shooting and 16 years in the photographic retail business - I can safely say photography is my life.

I am different than "Cousin Joe" who has a really, really good camera and can take nice pictures. With the my experience, expertise and passion, I will transform your day from nice pictures to memories that will last a lifetime.

I know my way around a camera like a master mechanic knows his/her way around a car.

My first love, besides my family, is night photography and macro photography. I look for the most aesthetically pleasing scenes that will transport the viewer to a place of my choosing. There is an intended balance and flow in many of my photos. Having started with film and with digital photography being so easily correctable, I've always abided by the rule of "Shoot for the shot." This means that you want to create your image before it ever gets to the computer so that minimal editing is needed.